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  • Preston hollow Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.41.52 AM
    View of Mohawk Valley From Above Preston Valley — Channel 1. HD Video, 2007

Bill Dolson (On view, Winter 2015)

Landscape Temporal Variations

A landscape exists within time. The course of the day, the passage of clouds and the weather, and the effects of human occupation continually modify the image of the landscape as it moves through time. The constantly varying sun angle through the course of the day continuously alters the illumination of the landscape. Clouds modulate the light of the sun as well as provide dynamic moving masses within the landscape. Human and animal activity peppers the landscape with points of movement and modifies it through building and land use. On a longer time-base, changing seasons alter the vegetation of the landscape. The terrain of the landscape itself is gradually modified over geologic time.
Landscapists have had to select a given moment in time in which to represent a landscape. They may have employed elements of lighting and atmosphere from different times or days but a painting or photograph of a landscape irrevocably implies the selection of a particular, unique moment in time.
The advent of film and video cameras freed the artist from the constraint of representing the landscape at a single moment in time. Moving image recording allows the presentation of a landscape over a range of time, whether direct cinematic “real time” as in Warhol’s “Empire” or in Wolfgang Staehle’s work where discreet samples of time are presented sequentially. Time lapse cinematography has become commonplace as a means to temporally compress time, to allow the perception of otherwise glacial phenomena.
I first become interested in compressing landscape time as a means to visualize proposed land art pieces which would evolve very slowly over time. These pieces would generate clouds in geometric patterns but those patterns might only be discernible over durations of hours. I began to do time-lapse studies of clouds and the landscape, and became fascinated with this process of temporal modification.

Bill Dolson

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