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  • CONUS-2006
    Image from "Conus—2006". The outline of Florida is visable in the lower right. Baja California can be seen far left.
  • CONUS-2007
    Image from Conus—2007.
  • CONUS-2008
    Image from Conus—2008.
  • CONUS-2009
    Image from Conus—2009.
  • CONUS-2010
    Image from Conus—2010.

Bill Dolson (Fall 2014)

“Cloud Flow” by Bill Dolson

[HD Video, 40 minutes, 2014]

Cloud Flow  depicts the entirety of five years of weather satellite imagery (2006—2010).   Intended to provide a visual index of long-term and very large scale atmospheric and environmental processes each year is compressed into a mere five minute duration.  The project situates us 30,000 meters above the “Flow” over North America.

From this vantage point we see a palpable (and disconcerting) panorama of the climatic processes which we are normally beneath and immersed within.  In earlier works such as Landscape Temporal Variations time operated within the scale of days and locality could be understood as ending with a perceivable horizon.

Cloud Flow expands the time frame from days to years (while simultaneously and paradoxically compressing it to minutes).  Our field of view is also expanded from a localized terrain found in earlier ground/sky projects by the artist to a continental scale.  Cloud Flow does not comment on the implication of these processes and the considerable influence of one upon the other—we are left to decide for ourselves what to make of these machinations.

This and other works within the Sky/Ground series continue the artist’s explorations and documentations of human and atmospheric operations in an attempt to expand our perception of the magnitude, dynamism and violence within intertwining (human and atmospheric) monumental processes.

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